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How I (naturally) cleared my hormonal acne (food, mental health, products)

Acne is the worst. And I struggled for many years with this s****.

It started when I was around 14 or 15 yo. At that time, it was normal to suffer from acne. Even if we were not all concerned, a lot of my peers had some ugly red spots on their faces. So it was okay-ish.

2015, Having a hard time with my hormonal acne

But with time, it was less and less common. And I was still suffering from acne.

The bad thing about acne is that it impacts your mood and self-confidence.

I was trying every lotion, cream, and OTC solution but nothing was working (while being very pricey for a student’s budget).

Then I went to dermatologists.

And it worked. For some time. As soon as I quit medication, the spots came back stronger. And my skin started being ULTRA sensitive at that time – which is still the case today.

I also tried the pill for some time. And it worked. That helps me have a big realization. My acne was hormonal. It was coming from the inside. At least that was part of the solution.

In 2015 I have been through a lot of challenges. It was in living alone in Dubaï, I hated my job. And the more I was anxious about the situation, the stronger was my acne.

Realization n°2: My mood and stress level might impact my acne. Easy to know. Hard to act on.

Then, I started a healthy food diet, looking for sugar-free healthier options.

I knew deep inside me that my acne was a message for my body. Something my body was telling me. Trying to not see it with medication was like ignoring your car’s gas level being very low by masking it. It doesn’t make any sense.

I was like if my body wanted to tell me something, why not just listen and try?

The hard part about naturally clearing acne is that it’s about a triangle: Stress level management, Food & topical products.

For a long time, it was just about finding the miracle cream or pill. Then it was about just quitting sugar ( while being super anxious and stressed). My self-development journey was longer. It took me time to find balance within myself. Yoga was a huge part of it. Taking time to just heal too.

And finally, clear this acne out.

Should I try again, I would do the same thing. Not ignoring my body’s message. But welcoming.

Even if it took time. It was time for growth and reconnection with myself.

Plus, I think that by ignoring a message, your body will keep screaming in other ways.

The answer is within you.

Topical products:

Matcha Soap was the best. If you want to know more about how Matcha helped me clear my skin, click here.

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