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7 steps to exit your lazy girl area

Do you feel tired all the time? Do you feel like you need to rest just after breakfast? Do you have a brain fog all day? It’s NOT normal. And you can take action to exit this laziness and get your energy back and start living your best life!

Make your bed

Make you bed can look like a stupid thing to do. Why should I make my bed while I will undo it at night. It’s literally a 12/14 hours thing.

But why do you brush your hair in the morning? Your teeth? Why do you wear make up?

Because that’s life. We do a lot of things that are just made for the day. To show up. Clean and on point.

Making your bed should be part of your morning routine. To show some discipline, that you can follow the rule number 1 to show up and also to have a neat bedroom during the day (which is nice!).

Drink water

Let me tell you something. Drinking water is one of the most challenging thing for me. Yep.

I don’t particularly like the taste ( weird?), I usually forget and I am always like I have something better to do.

But your fatigue might be explained by lack of hydratation. If you drink coffee, it makes it worst because coffee is a factor of dehydratation.

I have 2 tips for you to drink more coffee:

1 – Buy the most beautiful boujie bottle of water in the world.

And make sure to drink it during the day. If you like it you are going to like having it with you.

I love this one and this one

If you usually wear small bags and don’t have room for a big bottle of water you can also buy a bottle carrier like this one .

2 – Add some flavors

I am not talking to you about the ultra chemical flavor but just some lemon or fruit to add some extra flavor. You can also use cold brew tea and mike it 2 benefits in 1. Green tea for example has a lot of benefits like glowy skin. I love this one. You can also try avocado leaf tea.

Do your skincare routine

This one is especially important if you work from home. Sunscreen? no need! Vitamin C? Why? Hydrate my skin? No one will notice my dry skin.

Nope sister. A morning routine is again a way to show up FOR YOU. Your life is not about doing your skincare when you are out to the world but also to be good to yourself.

Make it simple to start with. Hydrate + sunscreen ( always choose minerals one).

Then you can improve to the 10-steps-itgirl-sofiaritchielike-beautyroutine.

Be aware

This one is kind of harder because it’s linked to you internal discussion with yourself. It’s not a physical action you can do.

I am awake. My night was ok-ish. I had this nightmare. I was thinking about XYZ before going to sleep. I slept well or no. I feel energized or lazy. Whatever your feeling, just be aware of it, it will make it easier to manage yourself later. Try to understand how you feel and why. To avoid things to go worse during the day. Welcome your emotions and state of mind. And work with it.

Plan your day

Actually it should be plan your week. Or plan your day before going to bed. For me waking up in the morning without a clear plan about your day and what you are going to accomplish is…. hard.

Before going to bed, make sure that you have a clear view on your calendar (meetings) and tasks (doctor appointment, calling your best friend) but also your goal. This north start that help you get focused. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s easy. That’s life.

Start with a protein breakfast

Starting your day with a protein breakfast is a great way to avoid the 11 am sugar crush and to need for … more sugar. SO you forget the morning croissant (you can do it if you are in Paris though).

Hello protein shakes, omelets, peanut butters smoothies, granolas and other protein heavy meals.

Last but not least: Be kind to yourself

Be kind with yourself. If you missed some of the rules one day. It’s fine. Don’t put extra pressure on yourself. You can still do your bed at 1pm haha.

And you can try again tomorrow.

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